Mountain Bike

Skills Area

at Llys-y-Frân Lake

Brought to you by Welsh Water

Skills Area & Pump Track at Llys-y-Frân Lake

Our enclosed mountain bike skills area is designed for kids of all ages and adults to get active outdoors.

We have included a smooth tarmac pump track to help beginners master the skill of maintaining momentum without having to pedal.

It also has various jumps, bridges, and rock features to get the adrenaline pumping.

It has something for everyone from beginners to experienced riders. Whatever level you’re at, it is purpose built to help improve your skills and increase your confidence.

It’s a great place to start your cycling adventure to develop your bike handling skills.

Give it a go before tackling some of the 12 blue and red trails that branch off from the main reservoir route.

Top Pump Track Tip – simply ride your bike using a pump action to maintain momentum, gain speed and ride in a continuous loop without pedalling. It’s as easy as…riding a bike.

How to enjoy the Pump Skills Area

Roll back, compressing your arms and legs to stay light on the frontside of features, and roll forwards extending your limbs to be heavy on the backside of features.

It’s all about the timing! On the corners, look round to your exit with bent arms and extend your legs to gain speed.

For your safety and enjoyment please…

Always ride anticlockwise around the trail

Always wear a helmet, arms and legs should be covered as a minimum but personal protective gear such as pads and gloves is recommended.

Safety-check your bike/equipment before riding. You can do this at our bike hub.

Ride within your ability and keep your bike under control.

Be aware of other users, especially those dropping in from different points.

This area is only for non-motorised riders.

Please do not walk, play or climb on it, there are plenty of other safe places to do this!

Other Highlights

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With over 14km (almost 9 miles) of trails to explore Llys-y-Frân Lake is one of the best places to get on your bike in Pembrokeshire.


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